PACE Trainees highly commended for garden entry

Pace Training Services entered a garden into Bloom’s Postcard Garden section for the second year running. The name of the garden is “Fiscal Space”.

It was designed and constructed by the trainees in PACE Training Services. We were thrilled to receive a “highly commended” award from the judges! 

Ireland is celebrating the anniversary of the Irish Proclamation. A key message from the Irish Proclamation of 1916 is “cherishing all the children of the nation equally”. In 2016 many people including children are homeless.

Our trainees (many are ex-prisoners) have experienced homelessness first hand and have expressed their experiences through this garden.

Park benches turn into beds at night and sleeping bags are used to keep warm. Poetry and flowers are used to express the loneliness of homelessness but also the resilience of humans and their hopes for the future.

We’d like to thank our Board for fundraising for the project.