Humans Sharing Spaces exhibition 2017

The exhibition ‘Humans Sharing Spaces’ is the culmination of creative artistic work created by people in prisons throughout Ireland. It also includes work from the post release centre PACE and Churchfield Community Centre in Cork.

The works on display in the exhibition cover a broad variety of art forms including paintings, drawings, sculpture, print making, mosaic, photography, video, pottery, and poetry.

This year the Exhibition is in partnership with the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

The aim of the Irish Prison Service Education Centres is to deliver a high quality, broad, flexible programme of education that helps people in custody cope with their sentence, achieve personal development, prepare for life after release and establish an appetite and capacity for lifelong learning.

The Service seeks to deliver relevant programmes that cater for holistic needs, ensure broad access and high participation, and prioritise those with basic education needs.

It promotes the principles of adult and community education and supports a multidisciplinary approach within the prison system.

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