First Impressions


First Impressions is PACE’s submission for “Sculpture in Context” Exhibition 2017 in the Botanic Gardens.

It is a multidisciplinary sculptural piece comprised of wood and ceramic pieces, using various artistic skills such as pyrography, wood turning and hand building/carving in clay.

The concept is about dispelling preconceptions we have about people, in particular prisoners.

Perhaps First Impressions shouldn’t necessarily last, as is often the case, when it might only be the start of the story.

The design is borne from the first physical impression people give when going into prison, the finger print.

This makes for an aesthetically interesting pattern as well as allowing each piece to be completely individual and signature to its designer.

It is also a way to sign the work and remain anonymous at the same time, should the artist choose.

We wanted to produce a high quality sculpture that holds its own in a professional environment irrespective of artistic experience and personal backgrounds and we hope that if you go along to visit this exhibit you will agree that we have achieved this.

View more of the First Impression work in our gallery